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Make It Wearable: Volume Up Every Moment

Want be a hero of your life?
My idea of this wearable device will make you a hero! People would like to compare our life to a movie, and we are a hero. But, we do not have such a great, beautiful background music and spectacular sound effects as like heroes of movies in reality, which makes the movie scene more vivid and focused. The only thing we have is music app in our smartphone, or MP3, which have to be controlled every time to match up with our feelings and preference. I wish I could have a wearable headphone/ear buds which can automatically detect our emotions and mood by reading the electrocardiography (ECG), body temperature and variation of hormones so that can play responsive sound and music to every different moment of our life! The responsive music will bring more dramatic impact on life by having us enjoy and focus on every moment of our life. Volume up every moment and listen to every precious moment of your life.
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