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Photo by Joseph Kennedy

Orbiting is a cooperation between artist Thom Kubli and Prof. Hiroshi Ishii, featuring the Tangible Media Group. It is a novel approach to pool scientific and artistic processes and to challenge physical realities while entangling with the virtual world.


Photo by Joseph Kennedy


Artistic Concept: Thom Kubli

Scientific Lead:  Professor Hiroshi Ishii

Machine Design:  Kyung Yun Choi, Joseph Kennedy, and Hila Mor

Materials Research: Joshua Jordan Van Zak, Benjamin Miller, Valentina Sumini, Michael Tarkanian, Mason Juday, Brandyn Callahan, and Phirak Suon

Project Research: Alexandre Mballa-Ekobena, William McKenna, and Joao Henrique Wilbert

Cinematography: Joseph Kennedy, James Day, Jonathan Williams, Paula Aguilera

Orbiting Animation: Martin Sulzer

TMG Program Support: Deema Qashat

CAST Producer: Katherine Higgins

MIT Communications Team: Heidi Erickson, Leah Talatinian, Janine Liberty, and Harry Bachrach


Special thanks to the MIT advisors and contributors to this project including Jeffrey Hoffman, Lorna Gibson, Krystyn Van Vliet, Skylar Tibbits, and Leila Kinney, Stacy DeBartolo, and Lydia Brosnahan.

Supported by MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology

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