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Invisible to Visible: Extending the Drawing Space and Body

The art project-Invisible to Visible- proposes a interactive kinetic drawing installation that extends the invisible space of our body to visible space. Drawing has been commonly considered as an expression that only can be done by using of physical tangible objects. But, I wanted to explore a way to bring out the invisible component of our body that keeps us alive yet easily has been ignored, which is expressed as 'breathing' in this project.

The light scattered by the mirror particles on the surface of silicone pouches of the installation, which inflates/deflates as participants breath in/out, is projected on the wall. This performance expresses the ephemerality of the way we breathe and our lives. Unlike the conventional drawing using a pen that lasts forever on a paper, this drawing constantly changes and disappear at the end once the participants exhale, as it provides the moment of mindful breathing and the experience of 'seize the moment'.

Apr. 2018


Materials: instruction (schema) will be provided to 3 participants, pin light stand, camera, tripod, monitor (/projector), silicone pouches, small pieces of mirror, tubes, acrylic table, LEDs, dark room, 3 chairs, 3 Participants


Fabrication Process

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