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reMi: Translating Ambient Sounds of Moment into Tangible and Shareable Memories through Animated Paper

Kyung Yun Choi, Darle Shinsato, Shane Zhang, Ken Nakagaki, Hiroshi Ishii

UIST '18: ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium Posters




 We present a tangible memory notebook--reMi--that records the ambient sounds and translates them into a tangible and shareable memory using animated paper. The paper replays the recorded sounds and deforms its shape to generate synchronized motions with the sounds. Computer-mediated communication interfaces have allowed us to share, record and recall memories easily through visual records. However, those digital visual-cues that are trapped behind the device's 2D screen are not the only means to recall a memory we experienced with more than the sense of vision. To develop a new way to store, recall and share a memory, we investigate how tangible motion of a paper that represents sound can enhance the "reminiscence".


Poster presentation at ACM UIST 2018 @ Berlin, Germany

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