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  • K. Y. Choi, N. Elhaouij, J. Lee, R. W. Picard, H. Ishii, "Design and Evaluation of a Clippable and Personalizable
    Pneumatic-haptic Feedback Device for Breathing Guidance
    ", ACM IMWUT, March 2022

  • K. Y. Choi, J. Lee, N. Elhaouij, R. W. Picard, H. Ishii, "aSpire: Clippable, Mobile Pneumatic-Haptic Device for Breathing Rate Regulation via Personalizable Tactile Feedback", ACM CHI EA, 2021

  • K. Y. Choi, H. Ishii, "Therms-Up!: DIY Inflatables and Interactive Materials by Upcycling Wasted Thermoplastic Bags", Work-in-progress, ACM TEI, 2021

  • T. Yoshida, J. Ogawa, K. Y. Choi, S. Bushnaq, K. Nakagaki, and H.Ishii. "InDepth: Force-based Interaction with Objects beyond A Physical Barrier". ACM TEI, 2021

  • K. Y. Choi, H. Ishii, "ambienBeat: Wrist-worn Mobile Tactile Biofeedback for Heart Rate Rhythmic Regulation", ACM  Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interactions (TEI) 2020 [DOI]
  • K. Y. Choi, V. Sumini, H. Ishii,"reSpire: Self-awareness and Interpersonal Connectedness through Shape-changing Fabric Display", ACM Proceedings of the 2019 on Creativity and Cognition (C&C) 2019 [DOI]
  • K. Y. Choi, H. Ishii, "Bubble Talk: Open-source Interactive Art Toolkit for Metaphor of Modern Digital Chat", Arts Track Exhibition, ACM  Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interactions (TEI) 2019 [DOI]
  • F. Tasnim, A. Sadraei, B. Datta, M. Khan, K. Y. Choi, A. Sahasrabudhe, T. A. V. Gálvez, I. Wicaksono, O. Rosello, C. Nunez-Lopez, C. Dagdeviren, "Towards personalized medicine: the evolution of imperceptible health-care technologies", [Outstanding paper award], Foresight, Emerald Publishing Limited, 2018 [pdf]
  • K. Y. Choi, K. Nakagaki, H. Ishii, "reMi: Translating Ambient Sounds of Moment into Tangible and Shareable Memories through Animated Paper" Poster presentation, ACM Conference on User Interface Software and Technology Symposium (UIST) 2018 [DOI]
  • K. Y. Choi, A. Akhtar, T. Bretl, "A compliant four-bar linkage mechanism that makes the fingers of a prosthetic hand more impact resistant​", in IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Singapore, May. 2017  [pdf]
  • K. Y. Choi, T. Bretl, "Emot: Soft Social Robot", workshop on 'Innovative Haptic Interfaces emerging from Soft Robotics' at IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Singapore, May. 2017  [Poster]
  • K. Y. Choi, A. Akhtar, T. Bretl, "Multidirectional High Impact Resistant Compliant Four-bar Linkage Mechanism for a Prosthetic Hand", workshop on 'Evaluation and Benchmarking or Underactuated and Soft Robotic Hands' at IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Oct. 2016 [Poster]  [pdf]
  • A. Akhtar, K. Y. Choi, M. Fatina, J. Cornman, E. Wu, J. Sombeck, C. Yim, P. Slade, J. Lee, J. Moore, D. Gonzales, A. Wu, G. Anderson, D. Rotter, C. Shin, and T. Bretl, “A low-cost, open-source, compliant hand for enabling sensorimotor control for people with transradial amputations,” in International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), Orlando, FL, Aug. 2016. [Poster], [pdf]
  • G.N. Kim, J.P. Park, K. Y. Choi, J.P Lee, S. Y. Park. "CubeSat Structure Design and Lunch Environmental Test for CANYVAL-X Mission", The Korean Society for Aeronautical & Space Sciences (KSAS), Korea, 2016     
  • K. Y. Choi, G.N Kim, J.P Lee,  Sang-Young Park, "CubeSat Structure Design and Structural Analysis for CANYVAL-X Mission", Proceedings of The Korea Space Science Society, Oct. 2014 [pdf] 

  • J. Myung, H. Lee, K. Y. Choi, S.H. Lee, "A Development of the Intra-Op Process Recorder", The Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2013 

  • K. Y. Choi, H. Ishii, Methods and Apparatus for Wrist-Worn Tactile Biofeedback for Heart Rate Regulation, Filed for provisional patent application, 2020

  • K.Y. Choi, J. Lee, N. Elhaouij, R. W. Picard, H. Ishii, Methods and Apparatus for Pneumatic-Tactile Feedback for Breathing Control, Filed for provisional patent application, 2020

  • A. Akhtar, T. Bretl, K. Y. Choi, Compliant four-bar linkage mechanism for a robotic finger, Application # 16397457, U.S [URL]

  • K. Y. Choi, B.M Choi, H.W Hong, J.H Ji, Y.W Kim, Underwater Mobile Robot for AquariumApplication Serial No. 10-2013-0137791, Korea [URL]

  • K. Y. Choi, Tactile Sensing Device, Application Serial No. 10-2013-0100106, Korea [URL]

  • 20 Korean women engineers (including K.Y.Choi), Women engineers who change the world. Vol.16, Women in Science, Engineering and Technology in Korea (ISBN 9791167520647(1167520645)) 2021, Published in Korea

  • K. Y. Choi, The 220-days on the Other Sides of the Earth: I Just Left, Knowledge Nomad Publishing Company. (ISBN 978-89-93322-53-8 03810), Published in Korea. [Link]


• Program Committee for the pictorials track of ACM TEI 2022.

• Reviewed Peer-reviewed Conferences: MEC Symposium’17, IEEE BioRob’18, IEEE IROS’18, MEC Symposium’20, ACM UIST’20,       ACM TEI’20, ACM CHI’20, ACM TEI’21, ACM CHI’21, ACM SIGGRAPH’21, ACM IMWUT'22, ACM CHI’23

• Reviewed Journal Papers: International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction (IJCHI)

  • ‘HCI: Different Methods of Human and Computer Interaction and Communication’ Guest Lecturer, YCS1001 Information and Technology Class, Dept. of Computer Science, Yonsei Univ. June 2021

  • Guest Lecturer, MAS.834 Tangible Interfaces Class, MIT. Nov. 2020

  • Create My Own Story’, Keynote Speech, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yonsei Univ. June 2015       

  • 'Coming back with inspirations', Hong-sung Library, Korea, April 2014  

  • ‘Different World from the Other Side of the Earth’, Keynote Speech, Samsung Electronics Dream Concert, October 2013  [Link]

  • ‘The Life full of Challenges’, Keynote Speech, Ewha Womans University Students Festival, May 2013           

  • ‘Find What Makes Your Heart Beat!’, Keynote Speech, The Korea Expressway Corporation, April 2013          

  • ‘The Other Side of the Earth’, Keynote Speech, BU Ultrasound Clinical Product Division Healthcare Sector, Siemens, March 2013        

Yonsei Univ 2014
Insight Day
Samsung Dream Concert
Yonsei Univ 2014
Korea Gap Year
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